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Why You Shouldn’t Take a Hobby Quiz

Hobby quizzes are highly popular these days. Almost every post I read about how to choose a hobby refers, sooner or later, to a hobby quiz. And many quiz websites have their version of a hobby quiz as well. Usually, the quiz is a set of questions about your character and preferences. It aims to find the hobby that matches you, according to what you answered about yourself. It is a helpful tool – there are numerous hobby options to choose from. Any help I can get to eliminate some of the options is beneficial. More so when the elimination process is done in alliance with my personality. Sounds good, right?

My quiz results
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7 Hobby Ideas You Can Start Today

We probably heard about how hobbies are good for us – for our health, for our self-improvement, even for our relationships. We had some hobby ideas we heard of. Maybe we even tried adopting a new hobby before. We started looking for some options, and nothing felt like the perfect fit. Or maybe, overwhelmed with numerous options, we postponed the starting point for tomorrow or some other day. Just not today.

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Work-Life Balance

For many of us, it feels that work is the central part of our life. A lot of our hours are invested in working, commuting to and from work, and thinking about work when we get home. Consequently, when our mind is always occupied by one thing, it is not attentive to other things. The “other” things are maybe things we find valuable in different aspects of our lives, that are not work-related. When it comes to work-life balance, it is obvious that it is about making space and time for life.

Work-life balance
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Learn New Hobbies at Home

It’s a well-known cliché that crisis is also an opportunity for growth. Well, the crisis is easily recognizable, but where is the opportunity? Where is the growth? Staying at home all day does not feel like the opportunity of a lifetime. Unless we are talking about the opportunity for eating and binge-watching. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity here and not just one but a variety of opportunities. It’s a chance to reevaluate our lives, a chance to make changes, a chance to rethink the way we do things and the way we use our time. Why waste it?

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Stay-at-home doesn’t mean do-nothing-at-home
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