Chess has been described as a synthesis between art, science and competitive endeavor, and is widely seen as a metaphor (however vague) for life in general or at least a philosophical interpretation or outlook on life. As with all games and sports, chess is about defeating a foe in a battle of skill and ability, but the struggle in chess involves deep analytical and intuitive subtlety due to its inherent appearance of simplicity but actual complexity.

The game is deceptively simple, with its relatively few rules, all of which are easily understood by people of all abilities. However, in chess there are twenty possible starting moves for White (who always plays first) followed by a further twenty for Black (each army starts as a mirror of the other), making 400 different positions on the first move alone. In each of these 400 scenarios, White would probably have a further, for example, 20 or 25 moves, taking the possibilities to at least 8000, then 150,000, 3,000,000, and so on.

It has been proven mathematically that there are more possible ways for a game of chess to unfold than there are atoms in the Universe, though this depends on estimates of how many atoms there are in the universe and the assumption that this number is finite.

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    • The Perpetual Chess Podcast Weekly interviews with movers and shakers from the chess world. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      EP.222 - GM Peter Svidler returns - Perpetual Chess Podcast

      This week on Perpetual Chess, we are fortunate to get a return visit from the legendary commentator, Super GM, and now Chessable author, GM Peter Svidler! Peter talked with me a few days before he was set to depart for Yekaterinaburg, Russia. Yekaterinburg, of course, is where the FIDE Candidates Tournament will resume after being postponed amidst the Covid pandemic in March 2020. The tournament resumes on April 19, and the winner of the tournament will face GM Magnus Carlsen for the World Championship in November of 2021. As a competitor in prior Candidates Tournaments, and someone who is now assisting GM Kirill Alekseenko, one of the participants, it was amazing to hear GM Svidler’s perspective on the tournament.  Of course, GM Svidler has also just released his much anticipated Chessable course, Lifetime Repertoires: Peter Svidler’s Grunfeld. We talked about how he researched this huge project, as well as what surprised him about the process of writing his first Chessable course.  Lastly, we got lots of questions from supporters of the Perpetual Chess Podcast. GM Svidler tackled questions relating to his famed modesty, his plans for competing and commentating in 2021, and much more. Please read on for more details, timestamps, and relevant links.        0:00-  We begin by discussing the FIDE Candidates Tournament, which is set to resume on April 19, 2021.  Mentioned: Russian Superfinals, GM Kirill Alekseenko, FIDE Candidates Wikipedia Page including participants and standings here: Candidates odds to win: 22:30-  Peter answers the first question from the Perpetual Chess Patreon mailbag: “is it possible that Peter’s famed modesty gives him a competitive disadvantage?” Mentioned: GM Sergei Shipov    26:30- Perpetual Chess is proud to be brought to you in part by You can pick up GM Peter Svidler’s The Grunfeld: Lifetime Repertoires Part 1 here: The free short and sweet version is here: 27:00 What were the biggest challenges of creating Peter’s much- anticipated course on the Grunfeld opening?  Mentioned: GM Danill Dubov, GM Harikrishna    41:25- Patreon question: How can a player improve at quiet positions?  Mentioned: Peter’s Svidler’s “Training with Tani” Youtube Series   48:30- Patreon question: “When will we see Peter and GM Jan Gustafsson announcing again?”    53:30- Perpetual Chess is brought to you in part by Aimchess  collects and analyzes your online games and gives you actionable advice on what phases to work on. You can check out their site for free, and if you sign up, use the Promo Code “Chess30” to save 30%   54:00- Patreon question: “Does Peter’s love for the video game Hearthstone help his chess?”  GM Evgeny Tomashevsky, GM Ian Nepomniatchi    56:30- Patreon questions: “Will Peter ever write a chess book? If he did, what would it be about?”  Mentioned: Masterclass with GM Yannick Pelletier: Peters’s Recap of his Tilburg 1997 win vs. GM Garry Kasparov   Also Mentioned: GM Boris Gelfand’s books with GM Jacob Aagaard, FM Michiel Abeln’s The Anand Files, From London to Elista    1:04:00- Patreon question: “Who are Peter’s favorite cricket players?”    1:05:30-  Patreon question: “Does Peter think that there are similarities between learning languages and chess?”  Mentioned: Leisure Suit Larry    1:10:00- Thanks to much to GM Peter Svidler for re-joining the show! Here are the links for his Twitter account, Twitch Streaming, and Chessable course: Peter Svidler “Lifetime Repertoires” Grunfeld-Part 1- Course Giveaway Instructions!  Go to Perpetual Chess Youtube page here-  Subscribe to the channel and take a screenshot  Email the screenshot to [email protected] with the subject header “YouTube”  Done!  Deadline April 30. Winners will be announced via email on May 1 I will not be able to respond to all contestants emails, but you all should get an email when the winners are announced. Thanks for playing! If you would like to join the Perpetual Chess Patreon community, or to help support Perpetual Chess in other ways, you can learn more here: Donate — The Perpetual Chess Podcast   See for privacy information.
      1. EP.222 - GM Peter Svidler returns
      2. EP.221 - Chris Callahan of
    • Chess: The Full English Breakfast A chess podcast with a couple of cheeky chaps! Macauley Peterson hosts International Master Lawrence Trent and Grandmaster Simon Williams to breakdown the chess world into lively short bites. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel
      Episode 54 - May Musings The FEB gang share a bottle of wine and check in on the World Championship, Magnus Carlsen, online blitz grudge matches with Americans and what's (not) rotten in the state of Denmark. Dormant but not dead, subscribe to the podcast to get our irreverent if irregular inquiries into the state of chess and the chess world!   Simon Williams appears courtesy Support the show! You can help the show grow by sharing your favourite episode with friends and family, or if you can spare a minute, please write us a review and leave a high rating on iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud. Thanks very much!
      1. 054 - May Musings
      2. 053 - FIDE-fi-fo-fum
    • BBC Radio 4 Across the Board Dominic Lawson conducts a series of interviews over a game of chess. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Piers Morgan - Across the Board

      Across The Board is a series of interviews conducted over a game of chess. In this programme Dominic Lawson talks to the outspoken journalist and broadcaster Piers Morgan. The game turns out to be a brutal affair.
      1. Piers Morgan
      2. Antony Beevor
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