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Blend, roast, and brew your own coffee.

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Coffee Brewing Useful Links

  • Podcasts

    • I Brew My Own Coffee Podcast A podcast for people who care about coffee. Hosted by Brian Beyke. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancelthumb_up+1

      Episode 58 - Matt Perger - I Brew My Own Coffee

      We’re so excited to be joined on the episode by Matt Perger, founder of Barista Hustle and World Brewers Cup champion, talking all about approachability, coffee geekery, cafe vibes, keys to making better coffee at home, and the exciting new roadmap for Barista Hustle. Do NOT miss this episode! Big Thanks To Our Sponsor: Espresso Parts: Use the discount code IBMOC5 to save 5% off your next order (Valid until Sept. 17th, 2017) What We're Drinking Matt Perger: from St. ALi on the Batch Brewer Bryan Schiele: from Onyx Coffee Lab on the Chemex Brian Beyke: from Tim Wendelboe on the V60 Shownotes Keys to the Shop: Episode 37 w/ Brian Beyke Barista Hustle Barista Hustle: Superlatives Barista Hustle: Espresso Compass Barista Hustle: Coffee Compass Matt’s Hario V60 Pour Over Recipe Sprudge: Feelin’ Fines: Breaking Down Matt Perger’s World Brewers Cup Win Home-Barista: Roller Mill Grinder Barista Hustle: grinder Paper: Explained Barista Hustle: DIY Water for Coffee Brewing Barista Hustle: The Great Distribution Tool Debate Distribution Tool Experiment Crowdfund Barista Hustle: Refractometer Method Scott Rao: Interesting Flavor vs. Flavor Balance About Matt Perger: Founder of Barista Hustle Follow Matt on Instagram and on Twitter. Follow Barista Hustle on Instagram, on Twitter, and on Facebook.
      1. Episode 58 - Matt Perger
      2. Episode 57 - KRUVE
    • Coffeeis Me Podcast Making Living with Coffee Podcast on latest trends in the coffee business shared by real world coffee professionals. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Your questions about coffee roasting, blends, best coffee on the planet and Q Grading answered - Coffee is ME Podcast

      For this episode we asked you, our listeners, to send us questions - and to plug your business. You sent thought provoking questions which challenged us -- Valerian and Marcus to think outside the box, share their experiences, and call upon their combined experience to come up with possible answers.  We have tasted and drank a lot of coffee, and listener Katie asks us to name the single best cup of coffee each of us has ever had, in our entire lives. Did we choose one of the award winning geshas we often roast and cup, or some experimental process, or something else entirely?  Tune in and hear our opinions of the optimal location to open a roaster / retail store. Valerian shares an interesting challenge he faced at Green Plantation opening in a beautiful rural setting.  Other listeners asked about ideal roast profiles which leads Marcus to encourage all roasters to become confident cuppers and to be rigorous about tracking their data. Our listen John Bergman from Hacienda Coffee had a very specific question about sample roasting on a fluid bed roasters versus a drum roaster, and our hosts discuss the challenges and possible solutions to roasting on machines that utilize different thermodynamic principles. Marcus and Valerian also discuss how they approach blends and Marcus challenges Valerian to try a new technique. Does it matter if coffees are blended with vastly different physical characteristics? Will a blend taste good if you give up some control in the name of consistency? Is the cupping table the best place for product development and QC, or should you use other brew methods too? We hopee you enjoy hearing from listeners and our feedback. Maybe in the future we’ll answer your question.  
      1. Your questions about coffee roasting, blends, best coffee on the planet and Q Grading answered
      2. We were born in the fire - the story of Café de Leche a café and coffee roaster from L.A. - with Matt & Anya Schodorf
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