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Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, combine it with the fact that the Chinese economy is one of the 2 largest economies in the world, bigger the US economy in some aspects — and you get a huge business opportunity.

Not less important, Chinese is a portal to a new, very different and fascinating culture.

You might think of Chinese as a difficult language to learn, and as for writing Chinese — you’re right. But spoken Chinese is a different story. Some claim that in many ways spoken Chinese is easier to learn than European languages. To name some of the reasons that make spoken Chinese easy — it has:

  • no subject/verb agreement
  • no plurals
  • no conjugations
  • no tenses
  • simple numbering system which is applied to dates and time expressions
  • simple conditional sentences
  • simple prepositions

Memrise and Duolingo are great platforms to get you started.

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Learning Chinese Useful Links

  • Podcasts

    • Chineasy Learn Chinese every day with ShaoLan Learn Chinese with ease! Talk Chineasy brings you 7-minute daily Chinese lessons. Each day, ShaoLan and a special guest share interesting cultural insights and stories as they teach you a useful Chinese phrase. Our amazing guests include rock stars, artists, CEOs, professors, adventurists, scientists, and more. You’ll discover the rich culture behind the most widely spoken language, while you learn how to converse in basic Mandarin Chinese. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      138 - Generation in Chinese with ShaoLan and Renowned Leader, Economist and Author Noreena Hertz - Talk Chineasy - Learn Chinese every day with ShaoLan

      Bestselling author and TV presenter Noreena Hertz has spent many years researching “Generation K.” Find out about her fascinating theory and discover the word for “generation” in Chinese in this fascinating discussion. 🔥 Download the Chineasy app for free and dive deeper into Chinese culture and language. Check out our website for more.
      1. 138 - Generation in Chinese with ShaoLan and Renowned Leader, Economist and Author Noreena Hertz
      2. 137 - Universe in Chinese with ShaoLan and Professor Max Tegmark from MIT
    • Mandarin Monkey Podcast Chinese and English Language podcast. A mixed couple (Tom & Ula) living in Taiwan, teach Chinese through the use of Chinglish (Chinese and English) on a variety of topics. Learn Chinese, study methods, Entertainment, news, life, business, hints and tricks to learning Mandarin. Hear a native speaking naturally and at natural pace but with the English translation so you can follow the context of the conversation. Enjoy. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      #285 - A Nice Ride | Mandarin & English Podcast | Learn Mandarin with Chinglish - Mandarin Monkey Podcast

      We go into it about period clothing, bodybuilders and castles. The conversation darts around a bit, which is great for your Mandarin Chinese as Ula only speaks Mandarin and Tom only speaks English. You get a perfect belnd of entertaining conversation and light hearted chitter chatter to keep you entertained during that awful commute. 😊 Get The Podcast App mandarinmonkey.com/mandarin-monkey-podcast-app/ Mandaboo iOS tinyurl.com/iosMandaboo Android tinyurl.com/AndroidMandaboo @MandabooGame Website www.mandarinmonkey.com Business Course www.mandarinmonkey.com/product/inten…iness-course/ Intensive Course mandarinmonkey.com/intensive-course/ Awesome Blog mandarinmonkey.com/blog/ HIGH FIVE FRIDAYS MAILING LIST mandarinmonkey.com/high-5-fridays/ Get Amazing Mandarin tools www.patreon.com/mandarinmonkey Skritter - Learn to write Chinese skritter.com?ref=mandarinmonkey Use promoCode: MANDARINMONKEY for 10% off everything Discord discord.gg/KHjF7NNq8d The Mandarin Monkey Podcast is a Mandarin Chinese and English Edutainment podcast designed to entertain and educate. Tom (Native English speaker) and Ula (Native Mandarin Chinese speaker from Taiwan) discuss various topics from life to science, from movies to relationships. Also raising three multiracial children they discuss the challenges of raising bilingual children and with learning Mandarin, English and Taiwanese at home. The Mandarin Monkey podcast is a Chinglish (Chinese and English) podcast which also has a Mandarin story and vocabulary review session in every episode. Also, they have guests on the show from different backgrounds, linguists, authors, creators all the way to doctors. Hope you enjoy. #mandarinmonkey #chinglish #Mandarinpodcast #Edutainment
      1. #285 - A Nice Ride | Mandarin & English Podcast | Learn Mandarin with Chinglish
      2. #284 - Commitment | Mandarin & English Podcast | Chinglish
    • Coffee Break Chinese Podcast Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese with teacher Crystal and learner Mark in regular lessons from the Radio Lingua Network. In each lesson we'll focus on the language you need to know to and before long you'll be making yourself understood with native Mandarin speakers. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      CBC 1.40 | Huānyíng nǐ zàlái Zhōngguó! - Coffee Break Chinese

      It's time for the final lesson in this series of Coffee Break Chinese and Mark is about to leave China. He and Hongyu have a chat about what they've done during the visit and reflect on how much Mark has learned. As ever, Crystal is on hand in the studio to help you understand the conversation in full.This season of Coffee Break Chinese features a total of 40 lessons, all of which will be included in the podcast feed. Just stay subscribed to the podcast to enjoy each episode. If you'd like to benefit from video versions, lesson notes and bonus audio materials, you can access the premium version of Coffee Break Chinese in the Coffee Break Academy.Don't forget to follow Coffee Break Chinese on Facebook where we post language activities, cultural points and review materials to help you practise your Chinese. Remember - a few minutes a day can help you build your confidence in the language. Access the Coffee Break Chinese Facebook page here.If you'd like to find out what goes on behind the scenes here at Coffee Break Languages, follow @coffeebreaklanguages on Instagram.You can also check out our Coffee Break Chinese Twitter page and the Coffee Break Languages YouTube channel.All information regarding Coffee Break Chinese can be found at http://coffeebreakchinese.com. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
      1. CBC 1.40 | Huānyíng nǐ zàlái Zhōngguó!
      2. CBC 1.39 | Nǐ xiǎng qù wǒ biǎomèi de shēngrì jùhuì ma?
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