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Stand-Up Comedy Useful Links

  • Podcasts

    • The Comedian's Comedian How do comics cope with being alive? For anyone who writes comedy, makes comedy, loves comedy, or just has an interest in comedians and what makes them so annoying. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      380 - CK (Caimh) McDonnell - The Comedian's Comedian Podcast

      Crime fiction powerhouse and former circuit comedian, CK McDonnell is on the cusp of levelling further up, with a TV adaptation of his half a million selling “Dublin Trilogy” in the works.We talk about how to write fast, being calibrated for tough criticism, solving problems in the shower, and how to let characters evolve - especially Bunny McGarry who went from villain to his best loved creation.25 mins of extra content from this interview is available exclusively to the Insiders Club!We discover Caimh’s secrets of self-publication, learn about how he cultivates the fanbase that now flock around him, and learn why he won’t record his own audiobooks!Go to for this and much more, including the exclusive Insiders Q&As with Nish Kumar, James Acaster and Fern Brady and the incredible “self-help for comedians” special with Amanda Donnet.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
      1. 380 - CK (Caimh) McDonnell
      2. 379 - Fin Taylor
    • BBC Radio 4 Natalie Haynes Stands Up for the Classics Natalie Haynes creates stand-up routines about figures from ancient Greece and Rome. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel
      "Rock star classicist" and reformed stand-up Natalie Haynes is obsessed with the ancient world. In these series she explores (historical and mythological) lives from ancient Rome and Greece that still have resonance today. They are hilarious and tragic, mystifying, revelatory. And they always tell us more about ourselves now than seems possible of stories from a couple of thousand years ago. Today Natalie stands up for Clytemnestra, who has been characterised as the worst wife in Greek mythology. This is open to debate: she's certainly a good mother, if a little bit murderous of her husband. But it turns out that Agamemnon probably deserves it. After all he sacrifices one of their daughters to Artemis without a second thought and then turns up at home years later with Cassandra, the future-seeing woman he has 'won' as a prize (also read: trafficked and enslaved) at the Battle of Troy. These actions demonstrate a certain lack of respect for his wife, as well as cruelty of the highest order. Cassandra reads the room, obviously, but nobody listens to her. Clytemnestra has a good legal brain and states her case convincingly. But it's unlikely to end well. With Professor Edith Hall. Producer...Mary Ward-Lowery
      1. Clytemnestra
      2. Jocasta
    • BBC Scotland The Comedy Underground The brightest and best stand-up from the Scottish comedy club scene. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Episode 10: Hosted by Gus Lymburn - The Comedy Underground

      Gus Lymburn introduces the freshest comedians on the Scottish circuit: Jo Caulfield, David Kay, Ryan Cullen, Carina MacLeod and Scott Agnew.
      1. Episode 10: Hosted by Gus Lymburn
      2. Episode 9: Hosted by Susie McCabe
    • BBC Radio Knock Knock A stand-up comedy podcast series on a mission to meet some of the UK’s funniest people. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      E12: The Reunion at Edinburgh Festivals Fringe - Knock Knock

      Helen Lederer is reunited with series alumni: Adele Cliff, Sarah Keyworth, Vince Atta, Scott Bennett, Harriet Dyer and meets Stephen Buchanan, the BBC's New Comedy Award winner 2018. Recorded in front of a live audience as part of the BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals. With stand-up comedy, strong language and adult themes.
      1. E12: The Reunion at Edinburgh Festivals Fringe
      2. E11: Harriet Dyer
    • BBC Radio 4 Funny from the Fringe A daily dose of features, news and interviews with the hottest comedians from Edinburgh. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Day 24: Edinburgh Comedy Award Winners and The League of Gentlemen - Funny from the Fringe

      Phil Ellis heads to the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Awards ceremony to talk to the winners Hannah Gadsby, John Robins and Natalie Palamides. He also catches up with 1997's Best Show award winner The League of Gentlemen.
      1. Day 24: Edinburgh Comedy Award Winners and The League of Gentlemen
      2. Day 23: Al Porter, Rachel Fairburn & Stuart Laws.
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