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Last updated on June 9th, 2021

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Wine Appreciation Useful Links

  • Podcasts

    • Interpreting Wine Podcast If you work in wine or would like to, subscribe to Interpreting Wine and discover the latest trends in the drinks and hospitality industry. Special focus on wine education for WSET Diploma (Level 4) and MW (Master of Wine) students. - To discuss sponsoring a series on Interpreting Wine, email [email protected] Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Ep 445: Matt Reynvaan, Reynvaan Family Vineyards, Washington State Wine Deep Dive 2021, (3/3) - Interpreting Wine Podcast

      See below for timestamps which allow you to navigate directly to any part of the episode. 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:42 Origin Story 00:10:50 The Family Business 00:17:00 Overview of Walla Walla 00:21:08 Winemaking Philosophy 00:29:40 2017 In the Hills 00:38:36 2017 In the Rocks 00:46:55 2017 The Contender 00:53:06 2017 Vintage in context 00:57:00 Market reaction 01:03:01 Looking ahead for Walla Walla 01:05:30 Looking ahead for Washington State If you know someone who would find this episode useful please share the direct link: If you really found it useful please leave the episode an iTunes review on the same link. Thanks! 👌👌 Welcome back to the third and final part of the Washington State Wine deep dive 2021. I am of course Interpreting Wine Host and Founder Lawrence Francis across three episodes exploring the terroir, geology, winemaking culture and wines of the US’s second largest quality wine producing region We conclude the series today with an in-depth look at Walla Walla with Matt Reynvaan of Reynvaan Family Vineyards. Building on episode 443 which looked at the wider Columbia Valley and 444 which focused on Yakima Valley. We first hear Matt’s origin story, a fascinating introduction to the wine industry, literally “from scratch” in 2004. He puts the family decision to start a new winemaking endeavour in a new region in the context of the help that they received along the way from the local and international winemaking communities. Before we embark on a podcast first, a 2017 syrah vertical, tasting In The Rocks, In the Hills and The Contender. Before Matt talks to the market for these wines and the loca and international response. Before finishing by looking ahead for both Walla Walla and the wider Washington State winemaking region. Intro and outro musicThe New Investors [email protected] Guest: Matt Reynvaan, Reynvaan Family Vineyards Date recorded: 3 Feb 2021 Listen and subscribe:  WASHINGTON STATE CONTACT GUEST CONTACT (UK importer) CONTACT INTERPRETINGWINE Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Email: [email protected] Washington State Wine Deep Dive 2021 SERIES DIRECT LINK
      1. Ep 445: Matt Reynvaan, Reynvaan Family Vineyards, Washington State Wine Deep Dive 2021, (3/3)
      2. Ep 444: Kerry Shiels, Côte Bonneville, Washington State Wine Deep Dive 2021, (2/3)
    • Wine Enthusiast The Wine Enthusiast Podcast The best and brightest personalities from all aspects of the wine, food, beer and spirits worlds bring the conversation to you in our biweekly podcast. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Episode 91: Is There Anything New to Say About Rosé? - Wine Enthusiast Podcast

      In this episode, Associate Managing Editor of Digital, Emily Saladino, speaks with sommelier and natural wine consultant Margot Mazur and The Lotus and the Vines founder Larissa Dubose. The three discuss how climate change and last year’s wildfires played a vital role in how winemakers pivoted from full-bodied reds to rosés with minimal skin contact. They also explore the style’s recent history, popularity and where might the great pink wave be off to next. Dubose also highlights the importance of exploring food inclusivity by pairing rosé with dishes from different cultures and locales, like the Caribbean and Philippines. FOLLOW US ON: Instagram: @wineenthusiast Twitter: @WineEnthusiast Facebook: @WineEnthusiast
      1. Episode 91: Is There Anything New to Say About Rosé?
      2. Episode 90: Exploring the Drinks Influence of First Australians
    • Guild of Sommeliers Podcasts Wine Podcasts from GuildSomm with Master Sommelier Geoff Kruth and various guests. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel
      In this episode, GuildSomm Interim Executive Director Chris Tanghe interviews two entrepreneurs who specialize in east Asian beverages. Master Sommelier Kyungmoon Kim discusses how his company, KMS Imports, is creating a market for Korean soju and other artisanal beverages in the US. Later, Todd Bellomy describes the production process and styles of sake and the vision behind Farthest Star Sake, his forthcoming sake brewery in the Boston area.  Emily Nixon continues the blind tasting series with Master of Wine candidate and trade liaison for Hispanics in Wine, Ivonne Nill. Can you guess what they're drinking based on the description alone? For more information on this episode, visit GuildSomm's podcast page. 
      1. Soju & Sake
      2. Career Series: Packaging Design & Branding
    • I'll Drink To That! Wine Talk with Levi Dalton A former sommelier interviews incredibly famous and knowledgeable wine personalities in his tiny apartment. He gets them to talk candidly about their lives and work. Then he releases the recordings as the I'll Drink to That! Wine Talk with Levi Dalton podcast. I'll Drink to That! is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, or here on this website. Our retail partner is Crush Wine & Spirits in Manhattan. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      IDTT Wine 487: Dominik Sona and a Conception of Kabinett - I'll Drink to That! Wine Talk

      Dominik Sona is the General Manager of the Koehler-Ruprecht winery, which is located in the Pfalz region of Germany.Dominik speaks about his family history in the Pfalz and his winemaking work early in his career for a winery, Villa Wolf, in that area of Germany. He also discusses the situation for the Koehler-Ruprecht winery in 2010, when he began to work at that winery. He references the history of the Koehler-Ruprecht winery, and notes that the previous proprietor, Bernd Philippi, was a pioneer in the production of dry Riesling wines from the Pfalz.Dominik speaks about the winemaking protocol for wines at Koehler-Ruprecht, and contrasts that with the winemaking at Villa Wolf. He also gives details about the handling of grapes in the winery, and the explains how the wines are aged at Koehler-Ruprecht prior to bottling. He discusses the exit of the winery from the VDP organization of German wineries in 2014, and touches on what led to the decision to leave the VDP. He also stresses what is important for the philosophy of winemaking at Koehler-Ruprecht: a focus on dry Riesling, fermented with native yeasts, aged in old wood barrels for a long period on the lees, and given a limited dose of sulphur.Dominik refers to method of selection at Koehler-Ruprecht, and notes that choices regarding bottlings, such as determining which lots go into Kabinett Trocken versus Spatlese or Auslese Trocken, are decisions made on tasting the wines, not on analytical numbers or areas of the vineyard. He explains what he is looking for on the palate when he makes those choices, and also describes the aromatics and food pairing potential of those wines. He also speaks about the ageability of the wines, and how they might evolve in bottle. And he gives some insight into the R and RR wines, the rare wines that Koehler-Ruprecht makes in certain years. In relation to these topics, Dominik also discusses climate change, and the likelihood that the vintages in these days tend towards more ripeness than the vintages in the past.The Saumagen is the most famous vineyard owned by Koehler-Ruprecht, and where the most prestigious wines of the winery emerge from. Dominik discusses the characteristics of that vineyard, including the exposure, the microclimate, and the presence of limestone there. He also discusses what wines from the Saumagen display that other wines of the winery might not. And he makes the connection between the flavors of the Saumagen Riesling wines and what foods they may pair well with.Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) is also discussed, in addition to Riesling. Dominik discusses the evolution of Spätburgunder winemaking in the Pfalz, and talks about what has changed and why. He also notes the move to new types of vine material for Spätburgunder, and talks about what the ramifications of that change may be.This interview represents an excellent opportunity to learn about the specifics of winemaking at a winery that follows its own path, and about which there is somewhat little information generally available. At the same time, the episode provides a large amount of context for understanding some of the changes in German winemaking in general.This episode also features commentary from:Florian Lauer, Weingut Peter LauerJohannes Selbach, Weingut Selbach-OsterEgon Müller IV, Weingut Egon Müller-Scharzhof and Château BelaKatharina Prüm, Weingut Joh. Jos. PrümKlaus-Peter Keller, Weingut Keller
      1. IDTT Wine 487: Dominik Sona and a Conception of Kabinett
      2. IDTT Wine 486: George Skouras and the New Old World
    • Wine For Normal People Podcast A podcast for people who like wine but not the snobbery that goes with it. We talk about wine in a fun, straightforward, normal way to get you excited about it and help you drink better, more interesting stuff. The Wine For Normal People book is available on Amazon! Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Ep 379: The Main Alternatives to Oak --All About Concrete Eggs and Amphoras - Wine for Normal People

      Oak stabilizes color and smooths tannins, some think of it as a seasoning ingredient. But what about the other vessels that are increasingly popular for fermentation and aging? What do they do and are they really more than hype? We discuss the main alternatives to oak -- concrete and amphora, what each does and the benefits of each. Photo: Concrete eggs made by Sonoma Cast Stone  The show is a hybrid of discussion and interview, as I welcome Steve Rosenblatt of Sonoma Cast Stone, who manufactures custom concrete eggs and tanks, and Debbie Passin of who sells custom, next generation amphora. Photo: Vinethos We start at the beginning and explain the purpose of all vessels for fermentation and aging.   For winemakers looking for good texture and small transfers of oxygen to smooth the tannins in reds and provide a good medium for sur lie aging in whites, but who don't want the oak flavor, they have a few choices. They can use aged, neutral oak barrels. These neutral barrels provide the benefits people seek but they do absorb a lot of wine, are hard to clean, and don't always keep the fresh flavors of the wine.  They can use stainless steel tanks or smaller stainless steel drums. These are great for wines that don't need any oxygen, as they keep flavors fresh and clean. They are temperature controlled, easy to clean and sanitize, and they allow the wine's flavor to shine. For those who want a more intense flavor, the smaller vessels will allow more contact with the lees (dead yeast cells that break up and give nutty, breads flavors to the wine).  Photo: Quality Stainless Tanks  But what if you want the benefits of oak without the flavor? That's where concrete eggs and amphoras come in.  We first address concrete, which is at this time, a bit more popular than amphora. The main benefits we discuss: The shape of the egg allows for continuous flow to the wine as it ferments and matures, creating a more homogenous wine. As fermentation creates heat, convection currents move the wine around, as it does in a tank or barrel. The currents are so strong, that the wine barely needs to be punched down or pumped over during fermentation. Battonage (stirring lees for increased flavor) also is barely needed. The lack of corners in the container mean there are no "dead areas" and the wine is more complex and uniform in quality and texture. Tannins are softened during maturation: Similar to the benefits during fermentation, the egg shape constantly circulates the lees as the wine matures after malolactic fermentation so the tannins in reds are softer and finer with age in eggs.   Insulation: Concrete can be up to six inches thick so there is natural insulation from outside temperature swings that stainless steel tanks cannot provide without cooling or heating coils. This allows wine from concrete eggs to maintain freshness.   Oxygenation (with a caveat): Unlined concrete allows tiny amounts of oxygen to permeate and come into contact with the wine (from inside of the tank when it first is put in the tank). This softens tannins, creates complexity, texture, and a better mouthfeel especially during fermentation. The wine is fruity without any oak flavors. Beauty and sustainability: The vessels are beautiful, can be customized, and they last forever if they are taken care of – score for sustainability!   Ease of cleaning in a fermentation or aging vessel is really essential in wine. Sanitized vessels = clean wine. Concrete is easy to sanitize and clean. Photo: Steve Rosenblatt, Sonoma Cast Stone After we set up the history and benefits of concrete, I welcome the wonderful Steve Rosenblatt, founder and owner of Sonoma Cast Stone (and hobbyist winemaker!), the only manufacturer of concrete eggs in the United States, who gives us incredible detail on these benefits and more. Next, we discuss amphoras. The benefits are largely the same (shape allows convection, clay is great for insulation, they are beautiful and sustainable, and easy to clean) but the real difference is porosity of amphoras, which mimics oak without flavor more than concrete… True mico-oxygenation...Amphoras are made of clay and the newest generation have materials that can be fired at very high temperatures (in a kiln). These new amphoras don’t impart flavor, don’t crack or leak, and they have small pores, which allow for slow and steady micro-oxygenation similar to oak. The wine has complex texture, tannins relax over time, and lees are integrated into the wine. The difference: the grape and terroir are preserved with no oaky flavor. Photo: Deborah Passin of Deborah Passin of VinEthos, who sells the top amphora producer, helps explain amphora and, importantly, dispel the myth that somehow amphora are only for natural wine or for funky, oxidized styles.  Amphoras are great vessels for all wine.   I learned so much in this show – I hope you will too! ________________________________________________ Thanks to our sponsors: Thanks to YOU! The podcast supporters on Patreon, who are helping us to make the podcast possible and who we give goodies in return for their help! Check it out today:      Wine Access   Visit: and for a limited time get $20 off your first order of $50 or more!  Wine Access is a web site that has exclusive wines that overdeliver for the price (of which they have a range). They offer top quality wines by selecting diverse, interesting, quality bottles you may not have access to at local shops. Wine Access provides extensive tasting notes, stories about the wine and a really cool bottle hanger with pairings, flavor profile, and serving temps.
      1. Ep 379: The Main Alternatives to Oak --All About Concrete Eggs and Amphoras
      2. Ep 378: Prosecco -- The wine, the region, and how to get the best bottles
    • Napa Valley Wine Academy Podcasts The Stories Behind Wine podcast series features the people, places, and history that influence the world of wine. Produced by Napa Valley Wine Academy, America’s premier wine school and a WSET and Riedel Global Wine Educator of the Year. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Episode 22 – Hugh Johnson – The Story of a Wine Giant - The Stories Behind Wine

      In this episode, we catch up with wine legend, Hugh Johnson. Hugh has been one of the wine world's most read and influential authors over a 60-year career. He has inspired so many to pursue further wine education and helped transform how we think about wine writing. His story is complex, thrilling, and inspiring much like many of the finest wines of the world.
      1. Episode 22 – Hugh Johnson – The Story of a Wine Giant
      2. Episode 21 – Steven Spurrier – The Story of Bride Valley Sparkling Wine
    • realwinepeople Real Wine People Long-form conversations with vineyard & wine folk about their stories and experiences within the fast-changing wine landscape. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Vanya Cullen - #012 - Real Wine People

      Vanya Cullen is the winemaker at Cullen Wines in Margaret River.  Vanya is considered the matriarch of Organic and Biodynamics for the Australian wine industry Cullen wines celebrates 50 years of winemaking in 2021 following a rich history of innovation, awards, crafting beautiful wines and care for the land.  This is reflected in their ethos of quality, integrity and sustainability
      1. Vanya Cullen - #012
      2. Ryan OMeara - #011
    • Decanted Wine Podcast Join wannabe-wine-snobs Sandi and Dave for fun, light-hearted yet informative discussions about wine tasting, wine travel, wine education, winemakers, and wine events! Broadcasting from the second-largest wine producer in the United States, Washington State (and beyond)! Then go deep into the world of wine with in-depth storytelling and interview segments with wine industry professionals. Let's Decant this! Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Episode 44: Frichette's wine power couple and Alliance of Women in Washington Wine - Decanted Wine Podcast

      In this episode, we chat with Greg and Shae Frichette, a husband and wife winemaking duo. Hear how the Frichettes changed their lives with a flip of a coin that landed them in the fabled Red Mountain AVA of Washington State where they planted an estate vineyard. We’ll also open some bottles of Frichette so you know what to expect from this iconic region. Plus, we discuss the new Alliance of Women in Washington Wine and make a few buying highlights from some of its members.
      1. Episode 44: Frichette's wine power couple and Alliance of Women in Washington Wine
      2. Episode 43: Michael Eddy and Brenae Royal from Louis M. Martini plus red wine cellaring tips
    • Wine Blast with Susie & Peter, Masters of Wine Podcast Susie and Peter are married Masters of Wine (they really should get out more). In this upbeat show, they bring wine to life with a smile via interviews, chat, travel, food, gentle bickering, tips, competitive wine-offs, a quirky wine A-Z and your questions. It’s enough to drive anyone to drink.. A top-10 UK podcast (Chartable - Apple, Food), recommended in The Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard, Club Oenologique, PodNews and The Drinks Business. Reviews say: 'Laugh-out-loud' (Claire), 'Certain to be a hit - relatable, entertaining, light-hearted' (The Drinks Business), 'Best wine podcast out there' (Mickey), 'A complete tonic for the heart, mind and soul' (Drinks Network) and 'Isolation inspiration - and more fun than knitting' (Amanda). Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel
      What's the difference between English sparkling wine and champagne? Why bother doing the Master of Wine qualification? What's the story behind Wine Blast, and why is podcasting so suited to wine? If we could be any wine, what would it be? What to do with a wine festival in lockdown? If we could share a glass of wine with anyone, who would that be? We answer all these questions and more in an interview conducted expertly by Natalie MacLean and originally featured on her Unreserved Wine Talk podcast (Ep 118: Dream Wine Careers with Susie Barrie and Peter Richards). This is the second part of this interview; Part 1 is the previous episode of Wine Blast (S2 E16). We also talk about how to film wine TV amidst a global pandemic, focusing on Peter's recent trip to Georgia. Oh, and there are passing mentions of Blue Nun, the King of the Netherlands, epic orange Frysland cheese, a neolithic picnic, the WineGB Awards, a MiG fighter jet, personalised portaloos...and the importance of bubbles.
      1. Our Story, Part 2
      2. Our Story, Part 1
    • Italian Wine Podcast Podcast dedicated to the world of Italian wine. Hosted by writer and personality Monty Waldin. Featuring wine producers, purveyors, educators, and more. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Ep. 582 Giro D'Italia 2021 Stages 14, 15 & 16 | Between Wine And Food By Marc MillonMarc Millon - Italian Wine Podcast

      Episode 582 - Welcome to this episode of Giro D'Italia, Stages 14, 15 and 16 where Marc Millon talks wines and cycling! A while back we held an exceptional ClubHouse Room dedicated to Giro d’Italia but…it was not recorded. I know, I know, bummer. But anyway, we thought about sharing some notes about the stages of the Giro - written and read by Marc Millon - a food, wine, and travel writer, and the author of numerous books as well as magazine articles published on both sides of the Atlantic. Stay tuned for more episodes to come! Let's keep in touch! Follow us on our social media channels: Instagram @italianwinepodcast Facebook @ItalianWinePodcast Twitter @itawinepodast Tiktok @MammaJumboShrimp LinkedIn @ItalianWinePodcast If you feel like helping us, donate here Until next time, Cin Cin!
      1. Ep. 582 Giro D'Italia 2021 Stages 14, 15 & 16 | Between Wine And Food By Marc MillonMarc Millon
      2. Ep. 590 Ondine de la Feld | Monty Waldin
    • Unreserved Wine Talk Podcasts The Unreserved Wine Talk podcast features candid conversations with the most fascinating people in the wine world. Your host, award-winning journalist Natalie MacLean, dives into how it feels to compete in the nerve-wracking World's Best Sommelier Competition, the shadowy underground of wine forgery, the zany tactics of a winemaker who hosted a funeral for cork, and more. Nestled in these colourful stories are practical tips on how to choose wine from a restaurant list, pair it with food and spot great values in the liquor store. Every second episode, Natalie goes solo with an unfiltered, personal reflection on wine. She'll share with you how it feels to be a woman in what is still a largely male-dominated field, her gut reaction to the latest health study that says no amount of alcohol consumption is safe and her journey in writing her next book. She'll reveal these vulnerable, sometimes embarrassing, stories with tipsy wit and wisdom that she's soaked up from 20 years of writing about wine. This podcast is for wine lovers from novices to well-cellared aficionados. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      132: Mature Champagne + Tasting with Robert Parker with Scott Greenberg - Unreserved Wine Talk

      What's it like tasting wines with the legendary wine critic Robert Parker? How does food take wine to the next level? What's it like to have dinner with celebrities of the wine world? In this episode of the Unreserved Wine Talk podcast, I'm chatting with wine journalist and host of the Vine Guy Podcast, Scott Greenberg. You can find the wines we discussed at   Highlights How did a glass of wine at a dinner party change Scott’s life? What have been the top highlights of Scott’s wine career so far? How did a surprising phone call lead to Scott partnering up with Robert Parker? What is Robert Parker’s unique wine tasting process like? Where did the Vine Guy moniker come from? How did an old bottle of Champagne open Scott’s eyes to a whole new world of wine? What differences in taste would you experience in old versus young Champagne? In what ways has wine played a central role for Scott in meeting several fascinating friends? How did Scott’s radio voice get him the opportunity to meet French winemaker Christian Moueix? Why does Scott especially love food and wine pairing?   Key Takeaways Most of us remember a pivotal wine that changed our lives and drinking habits. I enjoyed hearing about Scott’s aha wine at a dinner party. I also liked Scott’s story about tasting with the legendary Robert Parker and a sneak peek at that critic’s unique tasting process. Mature Champagne is a treat worth trying if you haven’t yet.   About Scott Greenberg Scott Greenberg, also known as “The Vine Guy”, is the host of the “Wine of the Week” show on WTOP radio in Washington, DC and the Vine Guy Podcast. Scott started his career in wine journalism as the syndicated wine columnist for the Washington Journal Newspaper and continues to contribute to Tasting Panel Magazine. He’s also hosted numerous wine tastings, judged wine competitions and has taught a course on North American Wineries for the Smithsonian Associates program in Washington. Scott is To Kalon Vineyard Specialist and Italian Wine Scholar. He recently relocated from Maryland to Park City, Utah, where he lives with his wife, Cindy, and a rescue dog named Frankie.   Watch Party Join me for the debut Watch Party of the video of this conversation that I’ll be live-streaming for the very first time on Zoom on Wednesday, June 16th at 7 pm eastern. You can save your spot for free right here. I’ll be jumping into the comments as we watch it together so that I can answer your questions in real-time. I want to hear from you! What’s your opinion of what we’re discussing? What takeaways or tips do you love most from this chat? What questions do you have that we didn’t answer?   To learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode, visit
      1. 132: Mature Champagne + Tasting with Robert Parker with Scott Greenberg
      2. 131: Salt in Wine, Oyster Pairings + Real Talk with Your Sommelier
    • Mr. Wine Guy Podcast What's up everyone, and welcome to the Mr. Wine Guy podcast. In this podcast I will bring you amazing winemaker's and their stories of how they got to where they are today. I'll dig deep and show you how with the help of good fortune, prosperity, and sometimes divine intervention, they've found ways to make beautiful and amazing wines year after year. Have you ever wondered what it takes to create your favorite bottle of wine? Maybe you want to know what the typical day for a winemaker actually looks like? If questions like these resonate with you, then you have come to the right place. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Episode 136: Groth Vineyards and Winery: Wine Night Stand: Jennifer Gallagher - Mr. Wine Guy Podcast

      To follow Cameron Parry and Groth Vineyards and Winery on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, head over to: Cameron Parry Instagram: @camparry75 Groth Instagram: @grothwines Groth Facebook: @grothfacebook Groth Twitter: @grothtwitter   To learn more about Cameron's wines, and to sign up to be on Groth's mailing list, head over to: Groth Wines: @grothwines Groth Mailing List: @grothwinesociety   To follow Mr. Wine Guy on Instagram and Facebook, go to:  Instagram: @themrwineguy Facebook: @themrwineguy   To connect on LinkedIn, go to: Michael Gallagher LinkedIn: @michaelgallagherlinkedin   To connect with my wife Jennifer Gallagher on Instagram, head over to: Instagram: @iamjengallagher   To purchase our His and Her Bar, head over to: To listen to our His & Her Podcast, click HERE IG: @hisandherbar FB: @hisandherbar Youtube: @hisandherbar   Also, make a statement in your very own Mr. Wine Guy Swag which can be found at: Mr. Wine Guy Swag: @mrwineguyswag
      1. Episode 136: Groth Vineyards and Winery: Wine Night Stand: Jennifer Gallagher
      2. Episode 135: Groth Vineyards and Winery: Cameron Parry
    • The James Suckling Podcast This is the podcast of James Suckling, international wine critic with three decades of experience tasting, critiquing and loving wine!We focus on the great wines of the world including Italy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Australia, New Zealand, California, Chile, and Argentina, but are always open to and looking for surprises. We taste and review thousands of wines each year - 22,000 in 2018 alone! - and meet hundreds of the world's best winemakers along that journey. That's where this podcast comes in - a place to access my conversations with these titans of the wine world, and also my own tasting team as we travel the world to taste amazing wines. I hope you enjoy these podcasts - head to for even more reports, videos, and articles about how to enjoy wine. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel


      In April James tasted the Bordeaux 2020 barrel samples with Philippe Sereys de Rothschild (owner of Chateau Mouton Rothschild), Jean-Emmanuel Danjoy (Estates Manager for the three Bordeaux properties – Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Clerc Milon and Chateau d'Armailhac), and Ariane Khaida (Executive Director, Chateaux Wines – Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Clerc Milon, Chateau d'Armailhac and Domaine de Baronarques).James describes the Chateau Mouton (when compared to Le Petit Mouton) as "much tighter-grain tannins... still vertical but many more layers of tannins, it just spreads across your palate." There's a "warm vintage character to it but still cool at the same time." Chateau Clerc Milon came through with plush tannins, which resulted in a flavor that was "more primary," full of pure fruit. Watch the video to hear more on their conversation and to discover their thoughts on the 2020 vintages, plus the compositions of each wine, at
    • UK Wine Show Podcast Welcome to the UK's first wine podcast. I'm Chris Scott and the UK Wine Show will be exploring the wine scene in the UK. During each show I'll interview winemakers, consumers, critics, wine bar owners, you name it, if it's about wine in the UK it will be covered. Almost all the good wine from around the world washes up on these shores so we'll find out more about the people behind the wines that make a splash. Personally I think a bit of knowledge can significantly improve your enjoyment of wine, so I'll be picking up and passing on some great wine tips & tricks throughout the shows. Click play_circle_filled to listen to an episodecancel

      Co-ops with Nathalie Estribeau from Vignoble Foncalieu - UK Wine Show

      Chris talks to head winemaker Nathalie Estribeau at Vignoble Foncalieu a co-op winery in the South of France.
      1. Co-ops with Nathalie Estribeau from Vignoble Foncalieu
      2. Spotlight on Chardonnay
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