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Learn New Hobbies at Home

Last updated on April 13th, 2020

It’s a well-known cliché that crisis is also an opportunity for growth. Well, the crisis is easily recognizable, but where is the opportunity? Where is the growth? Staying at home all day does not feel like the opportunity of a lifetime. Unless we are talking about the opportunity for eating and binge-watching. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity here and not just one but a variety of opportunities. It’s a chance to reevaluate our lives, a chance to make changes, a chance to rethink the way we do things and the way we use our time. Why waste it?

Female legs lying on a table
Stay-at-home doesn’t mean do-nothing-at-home

Clichés form for a reason. But in times of crisis, the possible opportunities can be encouraging de jure and not easy to pursue de facto. Even if we are not in the middle of it all, we still sense some of the main characteristics of being in a crisis. On the one hand, the stress that comes with understanding how little we control the future, and on the other hand and the tiredness and declining energy that accompanies the stay-at-home orders. And so, we are left with a true difficulty trying to seize the opportunity section of this crisis. In times like these, it is hard to find the motivation to wake up before lunchtime, even more so to pursue opportunities for growth. 

Paradoxically, pursuing opportunities and growth is exactly what gives us the motivation we are lacking for waking up before lunch. Pursuing opportunities doesn’t mean going after every dream you had, it can be as simple as picking up a new hobby, or even going back to an old one – return to the french you have been neglecting, recall how to play the guitar or finally learn how to knit a sweater. All of these are possible now, even during the quarantine. Every one of these activities can be the challenge and devotion we need to help ourselves develop and grow, even in times like these. That way we can make ourselves use this crisis to do some good for ourselves. And yes, maybe even find the motivation to wake up for breakfast!

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