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Why You Shouldn’t Take a Hobby Quiz

Last updated on September 8th, 2020

Hobby quizzes are highly popular these days. Almost every post I read about how to choose a hobby refers, sooner or later, to a hobby quiz. And many quiz websites have their version of a hobby quiz as well. Usually, the quiz is a set of questions about your character and preferences. It aims to find the hobby that matches you, according to what you answered about yourself. It is a helpful tool – there are numerous hobby options to choose from. Any help I can get to eliminate some of the options is beneficial. More so when the elimination process is done in alliance with my personality. Sounds good, right?

My quiz results

Hobby quizzes telling us what hobby fits us most, are just one example of a broader phenomenon. Computers and algorithms are telling us all the time what we might also like, based on previous preferences made by us or others. Sometimes it’s completely obvious like on Netflix and Spotify, and sometimes it is less apparent like on web commercials and word completions. Fair enough, hobby quizzes are not exactly like that. Most if not all of them don’t work with an algorithm. They simply divide people by category and have a matching hobbies list for every category. But the essence is the same – I say what I prefer, and I will get the most suitable content for me.

There is a built-in price to this system of choice. You are limiting your future options. While this is probably true regarding almost everything we do, sometimes we wish to maintain the possibility of looking beyond those limits. Maybe even breaking the usual pattern, and keep our minds open to the possibility of being surprised, of choosing something out of the ordinary, something that doesn’t necessarily “fits” us.

You can take a hobby quiz now if you like. But don’t limit yourself to the quiz suggestions. Give yourself the possibility, or I dare say the freedom, to be surprised. Maybe by not repeating previous choices and popular preferences made by you and others in the past, you will realize something amazing about yourself. Maybe you will find something surprising and exiting – your future self.

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